People love Intown Dental Center and we are committed to our patient's satisfaction. Learn what our patients are saying about their experience with Intown Dental Center.

My dental visit with Dr.Kearns was the best visit ever. A bit of education was provided on dental health and thorough explanations services provided. Her staff was very professional. Also, so there will be no surprises on the cost of future services, the cost of services to be rendered printout was provided. I highly recommend Dr. Janet Kearns if you are looking for a professional dentist, staff, and service.

David H., on ZocDoc

Dr. Kearns does an absolutely marvelous job with patients. She took my frightened absolutely inconsolable daughter, a 40 year plus year old adult, and made her able to go to the dentist once more. My grandkids had had some traumatic tooth pulling experiences in south GA and Dr. Kearns is now their best friend, even put braces on one. She is a once in a lifetime gem and will serve you well!

Joan K., on Google

It was my first visit to this dentist. She and the entire staff were great. Everything one was extremely nice and very professional. One aspect that I appreciated was meeting Dr. Kearns to discuss my medical and dental history before having to go straight to the chair for cleaning. It’s good to meet the dentist before they start digging in your mouth.

Cawasdis B., on ZocDoc

You walk in and greeted right at that exact moment! The speed of service will always be a thing for me and they PASSED with a 100. I filled out light information about myself and was taken to an exam area immediately. As far as Dr. Kearns, you would think of a dentist as the regular ones who make you feel bad about an oral situation. In my situation, the Doctor did the opposite. She gave me the facts and got right to work and in the end, gave me suggestions.

Terrence W., on Yelp

My first visit with Dr. Kearns on yesterday was great! She was very courteous and professional in giving me good advice on maintaining my oral health. As a result, I have chosen Dr. Kearns as my primary dentist and plan to follow her treatment advice. I will definitely recommend her to family and friends!

Rita S., on ZocDoc

Best dental visit of my 32 years on Earth – seriously.

Eli D., on ZocDoc

Dr. Kearns is patient, attentive, extremely knowledgeable, and very thorough. She is everything I ever wanted in a dentist. Her staff is super friendly and ready to help with anything. The clinic is a class act, stocked with all the latest gadgets and gizmos. I never knew a visit to the dentist could be so ful-“filling”!

Andrew B., on ZocDoc

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