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Dr. Janet Kim Kearns opened the Intown Dental Center in the Edgewood Retail Shopping District in November 2011. It is located above the “American Deli” and “Gamestop”. We are convenient to several local neighborhoods like Candler Park, Inman Park, East Atlanta, Virginia Highlands, Poncey-High, Lake Claire, Grant Park, Druid Hills, Morningside, Ormewood Park, Kirkwood, and the 30306, 30316, 30317 zip codes.

We put a lot of thought into our company logo and wanted the image to accurately and aesthetically reflect the core values of the Intown Dental Center. If you haven’t noticed, it represents a family of floating swans on a blue circular background.

In nature, swans are lifetime partners. In literature and legend, this integrity and commitment inspired poets and writers for millennia. And, it is this kind of life-long partnership that we want to develop with our patients at the Intown Dental Center. Our team is committed to developing a trusting relationship with our patients founded on a solid commitment to your long-term oral health and satisfaction. We hope that our superior care makes you want to make that commitment also.

Swans also represent beauty, health, and elegance – and that is how we think about the quality of our work. We strive not just for healthy results but a smile that you trust will be beautiful and elegant.

Like swans, water and the color blue are also representatives of trust, calmness, and health. We strive to gain your family’s trust, provide you with a calm and serene experience, and have your oral and overall health and safety as our top priority. It’s important you trust the quality of care you are receiving and the credentials and experience of the dentist to provide that care. If you have any questions at any time don’t hesitate to ask us, before, during, or after your visit. We encourage you to contact our office at (404) 889-8370 or email Dr. Kearns directly at [email protected] at any time.

Last, but not least, the notion of family is central to our philosophy here at the Intown Dental Center. We treat all ages and generations and consider our patients as part of our dental practice Family.

P.S. There is also a subtle representation of a molar tooth – see if you can find it! Some people see a heart, and that’s alright with us too!

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